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New Year’s Day Sports Betting Bill in California to Make Way For Legal Horse Racing

There seems to be little doubt that the recent trend of sports betting in California is here to stay. And why not? California is a huge, densely populated state with a great deal of political clout. California sports bettors enjoy many advantages over other sports bettors outside of just being in the Golden State. In fact, it’s even possible to work out a bet in California, right from your computer.

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The major reason why betting in California is currently becoming all the rage is because gambling has been legalized in the state. Tribal Casinos used to get sports betting only and then another sport, but now they will have a much harder time filing legal complaints against card rooms for allowing illegal gambling. Card rooms have been bending the law to get more betting games open. So, if the proposed new bill goes through, then there’s a very good chance that card rooms will soon bend even more in the future without as many legal problems.

As you might expect, California is not the only state to consider legalizing sports betting. The other two states that have already legalized sports betting are New Jersey and Delaware. Although the laws in those two states differ from California’s, many of the same reasons exist. For example, both states have tough gambling laws on the books and both also have plenty of high profile sports betting cases before the courts. Both states also have the problem of numerous state mandated restrictions that exceed the constitutional protections of the federal constitution.

Why is the proposed law in California different from the other two? First, it’s simply because the state legislature felt that there were two separate issues that needed to be addressed in the sports betting marketplaces. In order for a state to have true competition, the members of the marketplaces must have the ability to enjoy both legal gambling and legal gaming. It’s been estimated that approximately 25% of the online sports betting market comes from out of state gambling dens, so the members of the state assembly felt that they needed to address the issue in the form of a law. Second, it’s important to recognize that there are many aspects of the online gambling industry that are still very much up in the air. One of the biggest issues that exists currently revolves around whether or not the US government will jump into the upcoming gaming debate with some form of legal authority.

Despite the Assemblyman’s fears, sportsbooks in California seem to be unmoved by the threat of government intervention. In fact, many have expressed optimism that the proposed law will spark a major new industry and even attract major new businesses to the Golden State. With all of the legal sportsbooks located throughout California, including professional and college stadiums and Las Vegas locations, the demand for bookmakers will certainly pick up if the law passes.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of this bill passing is slim to none. One of the biggest reasons why California sports betting remains illegal right now is the legislature’s inability to compromise. Even with two separate houses of the legislature, members continue to disagree on the regulation of online gambling. Lawmakers have even stalled the process for a full probe into the alleged connections between professional gamblers in California and members of Congress. If lawmakers cannot reach an agreement soon, it may be years before gambling becomes legal in the state of California.

Although there is no real chance of legalization of online gambling in California, the Assemblyman has been vocal about his desire to see it happen. The main argument he has made against legalization of daily fantasy sports betting in California is the need to protect consumers from online sports betting scams. The problem with protecting consumers from scams is that no one really knows what happens when they wager money on any sort of online game. There is a possibility, of course, that someone could use your credit card or bank account to sign you up for a site that did not treat your credit card information with care. However, it is also true that laws have been passed to prevent sports books from stealing money from customers by running up charges they don’t legally owe.

If the Assemblyman gets his way, it is possible that the California State Athletic Commission could be sued by major promoters of daily fantasy sports betting in the state. It is not clear how such a lawsuit might affect the future of the California horse racing sports betting industry. The sports books and race tracks would lose a lot of money if such a suit were successful. For the moment, however, the fate of the California daily fantasy sports betting bill remains uncertain.